We made a video for Yung Nnelg, a Dutch rapper, one-off on analogue film: 16mm and VHS. Luckily, we could persuade mr. 16MM himself to work with with us on this one: Director of Photography Remko Schnorr.


Director Jeroen Dankers
Producer Hannah Padding

Director of Photography Remko Schnorr
2nd Unit Milan van Dril
Cam Assist Sam Vis

Edit Jeroen Dankers & Tobias Corba
Grading Remi Lindenhovius

Equipment Camera Rentals
Film Cinefacilities
Devenlop & Scan Haghe Film

Special Thanks
Arnaut Oostrom
Gert Kemp
Leslie Andriese
Levie Hofstee
Taka / Dun Yong
Raven Aartsen
Sofie Schwab
Ghamte Schmidt
Yung Greg